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Thank you everyone for playing the Scott Steven Singles Tournament 2020 !
Great fun to see all courts full and some out the back with real standard singles matches! Scott would be really happy and smiling!

from left to right

Scott Steven Trophy Winners 2020

Alex Zuniga

Champion of  -  The Golden Boys

Kalais Going

Champion of  -  The Loose Canons

Nikau Going

Champion of  -  Terminetters

Judy Randell

Champion of  -  The Slice Girls

Stefanie Steven     holding picture of Scott

Sue McGrath

Champion of  -  The Golden Girls

Trish Baird

Champion of  -  The One Hit Wonders

Hugo Drombova

Champion of  -  The Unmatchables

Todd Fox

Champion of  -  Top Spinners

Danielle Cooke

Champion of  -  Grand Slammers not in picture

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