My latest album is here !

What a journey !

On January 15th 2017 I wrote my first Blog Post. Little did I know about the next 10 months.

Looking back now it has been a roller coaster of emotions and for a musician that's the best space to be in for writing new songs.

Initially my husband and I decided to tour New Zealand to find a place to live, but after all this time living in a motorhome we came to the conclusion that we are already living the dream.

The song "Rolling Home" says it all.

I never used to swear and the people who really know me would agree, that I always used to look at the positive and therefore being an optimist was in my nature. If I would have known how much the writing of a song about our world dying could change someone's view within a few months, I sometimes wish I hadn't written it, so I could carry on walking through life as if nothing is happening and still wear my rose-coloured glasses, sing and write happy songs, and only focus on the positive things in life.

The truth hit home in February after getting introduced to a bunch of climate change activists who had heard my song "The World is Dying" and wanted to use it on their radio shows. From one day to the next we learned so much about the current state of our planet and realised that "We are so fucked". The facts are shocking and there is no doubt that we are already on our journey of the 6th mass extinction. If you'd like to read more about the facts start from here and there are many more links to find on the internet, too.

The roller coaster took a heavy turn down and it opened up our minds for new topics. Even though New Zealand is being marketed as clean and green and beautiful, the truth can be quite shocking when you visit the rivers and lakes. When you are open to see with your own eyes, that the water quality can't be raised by the environment minister simply changing the measurements, then you'll get the real picture.

"Welcome to Paradise" was written after looking a bit more closely into the reality of families living in cars or sleeping in tents, as a result of not being able to afford housing. This is happening all over the world of course but New Zealand (Auckland) is amongst the top of the list of unaffordability.

Being German born I do get criticised for writing songs like this, however I don't feel so alone listening to people like Taika Waititi talking openly about the same subjects on the news.

Yes it's been 10 months of travelling, writing and recording songs in the smallest studio using a ukulele that I only bought a few months ago from Music Planet in Mount Maunganui (thank you guys, it's a great instrument), a guitar, a small mini usb keyboard and my phone to record.

I am grateful to have met many people on our way who have touched our lives and who have also inspired me to write more songs. The Loop Crew is one of them and if you enjoy a free happy life on the road check out their website:

I am not surprised that the NZMCA (New Zealand Motor Caravan Association) now has more than 70,000 members and it's just great to wave to them on the road when you see them driving past with the 'Wings'.

In spite of the somewhat depressing future we face I have also included a few happy and uplifting songs like "Feel the Beat" or "Moon from the Other Side". I'd like to thank everybody that supported me creating this album. Especially my best friend and husband Scott, my mum, my brother, my musician friends, my tennis team in Germany and my tennis friends here in NZ, and everybody that enjoys my songs. I am a big believer in sharing and that's why you can download my songs for free here.

I'd like to end my post with this famous quote from John Lennon and wish you all a happy journey and that you understand life and become joy!

Stefanie Steven