New Zealand Music Industry

Hurray, I must have made it. It's official - I am a Singer Songwriter in New Zealand. It only took 20 years to get here haha. People sometimes wonder what we do all day driving through New Zealand in a Motorhome. Well, if you would have seen how many hours I have been actually working - yes WORKING ! - to get my 2018 Album "Ahipara Time" written, recorded and mixed - you would be surprised how much effort goes into this. So yes, I am somewhat proud and it makes me happy that people are starting to listen to my music and even playing my original songs with Ukulele or Guitar. This was another breakthrough and I'll make sure that all my songs end up in those websites.

Check it out by clicking on the pictures. You'll find thousands of your favourite songs to play and two of mine so far - hihi.

Ukulele Tabs

If you want to learn an instrument I highly recommend the Ukulele. It's fun it's easy to learn, it's a beautiful little instrument (very good if you don't have much space) and those sites have all the songs in the world to learn and play.

I have one more month to record two more songs for my album and I am very excited and looking forward to finishing it. Bye for now, everybody...two more songs to go yippeee yay.