April 9, 2020

Hello everybody!


Finally I have something nice to share. The "getting hit by the bus on a cycle path in New Zealand" event is something I'd rather forget, but if you've wondered why I didn't write anything or produce more music, well that's the reason why!


So I'd rather focus on something positive to share and it's my first post on social media in the year 2020.


Please let me introduce you to my latest music creation called "Andrea"!


Flying a long distance flight isn't one of the most exciting things to do, especially when you're in pain. 

And even though I knew it was the right thing to do to help my mum in Germany, it was still quite hard for me and I had a moment where I just started crying because of pain and discomfort. I usually try not to cry in public and I guess I felt quite protected from all those seats around me, and my husbands cuddles. So I let my tears roll and tried to survive this long distance flight in the economy class.

Somehow this beautiful flight attendant "Andrea" must have noticed my sadness and she came over with a bag of gifts from Singapore Airlines and a beautiful written note that will be on the cover for this song. I was quite taken and surprised that she had noticed how I felt and that she was really looking after me, serving food and drinks with such a great attitude and a big smile. As I said earlier, we only flew economy class, but the service this woman gave to us felt like first class.

So I can honestly say that this was my best experience ever on a long distance flight and when we arrived I promised her to record a song - just for her!


So even though I still can't play my instruments properly, I decided to create the song "Andrea" with a keyboard, using her written note as the lyrics  and I have just finished it. Even though it's just for her, I decided to put it out in the world. 


Hope you like it Andrea! It's an electronic recording and I used some asian instruments as well.


You can download your single  for free and I added  4 Bonus Tracks when you subscribe with your e-mail address.. Just click the cover! 







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